Where to buy MobileCoin

Hi all

I am new to this forum, i have been trying for the last few weeks, to find a reliable exchange so i can buy some MOB… So far from my finding all platform i did find really have bad review… It would be appreciated if someone can guide me to a good provider so i can get some MOB. Site i found were FTX, HitBTC and a few others but all bad reputation base on trustpilot website


See this: https://www.reddit.com/r/mobilecoin/comments/p1y94v/just_found_out_about_mob/h8gmah1?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

FTX worked great for me. Have for the first time now seen FTX’s trustpilot score. Does not reflect my own experience (was able to withdraw crypto without any problems)

hi tks for your input it is really appreciated… i prefer these i do have mixin install but not really sure how to use it … beside that i have found that BitFinex also provide MOB to exchange… but trying to stay away from exchange site as much as possible…

for the 4swap… how about the fees… i read that their fees are pretty high and also some mention were never got confirmation as they have not send enough to cover for the fees… have you heard about this… have you tried this if so how was your experience


There aren’t any fees on 4swap. You might see some slippage depending on how much you are exchanging. It’s best to use Mixswap which will automatically route funds through 4swap and Exinswap to get you the best rate – the mixswap’s bot acct number on mixin is 7000103767

You still need a place to connect from the fiat world to the crypto world. If you are in the US, it’s probably best to use Coinbase or the app “Abra”. Once you link your US bank acct, you can buy any currency supported by Mixin – maybe USDC or ETH is best depending on whether you want exposure to volatility. Then you move the crypto to Mixin and use it with mixswap there to buy MOB.

Good luck!

HI tks again no i am in Canada

i tried mixswap’s bot acct number on mixin is 700103767 it says user not found

ok tks got it missing a 0

yeah, sorry for the typo – I fixed it in my earlier reply