Who sets the price?

I’ve read that:

  • 15% MOB was sold to exchanges for $0.80
  • MOB is 100% pre-mined

Right now, buying at buymobilecoin.com costs $15.

  1. So, who sets the price?
  2. Am I buying from the remaining 85%? or what?

The price on buymobilecoin.com is the same as it is on the open market. ( Mixin, FTX, etc )

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With this way of calculating the price for MOB sales at https://buymobilecoin.com/, I see at least one problem. In the extreme case where everyone will be buying through this site the price of MOB will never go up because they have a virtually infinite amount of them. More, the price would only go down because at the time when anyone wants to sell their MOB can only do so on the exchange where this move will lower the price on the exchange and thus cheaper to buy also on the project site, which sets the price based on prices from exchanges. This is quite unfair because it was determined after the price had its ATH and some people who bought MOB then will not have chance leave without a loss.
Or am I missing something?


What could be the reason, why they (MobileCoin Foundation) are not answering those questions?
How many MOB’s got: Binance, AlamedaResearch=FTX.com, mixin-messenger?
Because mobilecoin is a foundation, they don’t have to disclose such informations…
As long as this distribution-issue will not be handled more transparent, there will be some doubts which are not very helpful for a broader public acceptance.
E.g. in BTC such issues are clear defined and transparent…

Well… a similar reddit thread has some answers clues, but no official answer

  1. Exchanges are selling from their pool
  2. buymobilecoin.com fetch the price from FTX (or averages it from multiple exchanges)

3. No one can answer where coins from buymobilecoin.com come from!

and no one can answer how many coins are currently on hold by the foundation!

The available information is

a) total supply of 250 Million MOB (you can verify this yourself, see MobileCoin Governance, Fees, and Supply | by koe | MobileCoin | Medium)
b) Circulating supply is here: https://mobilecoin.foundation/wp-json/mcfoundation/circulating-supply
c) The history of the number b) is tracked via mobilecoin-circulating-supply-history/circulating-supply at main · celialausant/mobilecoin-circulating-supply-history · GitHub

I think a reasonable assumption is the amount of MOB the foundation holds is a) - b), i.e. 250 Million - 112981937 = 137018063, roughly 137 Million, currently.


Finally there’s an answer. Thank you!

So ~45% is circulating. The foundation has 55%

How different is this from premining? At any moment the foundation can decide to dump. In the hands of the foundation. how is this democratic?

When one buys from buymobilecoin are you buying from the foundation pool then?