WooCommerce Plugin + a Bounty!

Wordpress powers 40% of the world’s websites. WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. MobileCoin Payments Plugin enables WooCommerce stores to accept MOB as a Payment Method. Come join our private alpha.

When you use WooCommerce as your website’s e-commerce engine, the recently released plugin for MobileCoin Payments will enable you to add a new MOB Payment Method to use within WooCommerce.

Show Me the Code

WooCommerce Plugin

Step-by-step Guide

To help developers, we will publish a step by step guide with screenshots. I’ll give a bounty reward of 50 MOB to the first person to write a detailed guide and share it here.

Video Walkthrough

We also need a video walkthrough of the setup in Woo Commerce. I’ll give 50 MOB to the first 3 YouTube videos posted here.

I’ve waited for about 2 months for this plugin. As a website developer I can’t wait to demo this to my current and future clients. When I learned Saturday that the plugin was available I decided to spend the weekend setting up a demo website for myself to experiment with the plugin.

I decided to write down the steps I followed and also record a video during the process.
Check out the walkthrough guide here: How to enable the MobileCoin Payments plugin in WooCommerce — Karel Donk

And the video which I quickly made simultaneously here: How to enable the MobileCoin Payments plugin in WooCommerce - YouTube
The video uses an AI voice, which is much better than mine, trust me. :wink:

The article and video cover the plugin setup in WooCommerce, but I also wanted to show me actually ordering something and paying with MOB. As soon as I get my API keys I’ll add that too in a follow up.